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A day in #kibera #nairobi #sendmesomewhere

Fotofestval Naarden checken…

Zelf pizza maken op de bodems van Eatery… Lekker hoor!

How cool is this?

(via justmakemescream)

(via idontwantsex)

(via idontwantsex)


Every now and again you get an assignment that, upfront, you know is going to be fun. Today I had to photograph six drag queens in the studio.

just love this picture… and the tattoos… ;-)


Genius! The Albatros is new kind of bookmark that follows your reading. It currently reached $22,000 in Crowd Funding, while the goal was $3,000!

Share this please….!!!

How cool is this!! Very nicely done… spread the word!


This is so cool… Brilliant!

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